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Maxwells 148 welcomes you!

Sumptuous fabrics and hand carved teak reflect soft lighting to create a cozy, comfortable, welcoming ambiance. Guests who enter the restaurant often find themselves revisiting time and time again, largely in part of Chef/Owner Mitchell Maxwell's innovative approach to authentic Asian and Italian cuisines.

This wonderful treasure located in Natick, MA is the creation of partners Mitchell Maxwell and Randy Nason. Invaluable assets such as Maxwell's culinary skills and Nason's savvy business experience create the perfect duo for success at Maxwells 148.

The imaginative Italian and Asian cuisine shines with the inspired glow of Maxwell's experiences with chefs from the Friuli region of Italy, and by traveling through Hawaii, Japan and south to Indonesia. Partner Randy Nason is the accomplished leader of Maxwell's staff, a superior crew providing extraordinary service. Take your time to peruse the specially selected eighty bottle wine list, a delight for wine lovers, and a tribute to Nason's wine knowledge.

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Maxwells 148 extends its exquisite service and cuisine into a variety of products to accommodate all of your dining needs!

We offer you fresh, healthy meals delivered directly to your home every Wednesday between 4PM and 6:30PM! Guaranteed!

All meals serve 2-3 people or a family of 4-6 people for as little as $6 per person.
Spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your family, while still enjoying healthy, delicious meals.

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Maxwells 148 is the perfect venue for your intimate and special occasion.
Executive chef Mitchell Maxwell will tailor a menu exclusively for your occasion, so that your celebration will be a memorable one for years to come!

We have unique relationships with some of the finest companies to arrange everything from entertainment and flowers to printed invitations and party favors.

Download a printable PDF of our Catering & Functions menu

Email or call 508-907-6262 508-907-6262 us with what you're planning today.

"... my husband and I were married on November 16th and we chose Maxwell's as our venue. The food was impeccable, the service was exceptional, and the value was unbeatable. The best decision we made during our wedding planning process was choosing Maxwell's for our reception. I can't recommend it enough!"

- Julia W. 11/20/2008,

  • Ever feel like treating yourself to something very special...
  • Maybe a bottle of 1996 Peter Michael Les Pavots or a 1987 Dom Perignon?
  • How about Sliced White truffles, butter poached lobster with caviar or seared Kobe Beef?
  • Starting at $175/person, food only
  • Gratuity & Tax Not Included
  • 4 Person Minimum
  • 8 Day Prior Reservation Required
  • Non-Refundable 50% Credit Card Deposit Required

Email or call 508-907-6262 508-907-6262 us with what you're planning today.

  • A Foie Gras lover’s dream... most traditional and delicate preparation of Foie Gras.
  • Fresh Foie Gras is lightly seasoned with salt and pepper and poached in Marsala wine.
  • It is one of the most unadulterated foie gras preparations possible.
  • Sliced into perfect rounds, the torchon is perfectly served with crostini or crusty bread (approx. 3 ounces. each).
  • $25.00 each
  • Delicate, crisp and soft at the same time.
  • Light as air and subtly sweet, available in four flavors: Coconut, Almond, Chocolate Covered, and White Chocolate Covered.
  • Twelve pc., 8 oz. total $25.00
  • Specialty Gift Box $25.00
  • Rich & buttery, this decadent treat is packed with 100% Hawaiian Macadamia nuts.
  • 8oz. bag $14.00 / 16 oz. bag $28.00
  • A decandant, rich chocolate delight.
  • Whole Terrine $58.00
  • Silky and smooth
  • Whole cake $58.00

Please give 72 hours advance notice of your order and either:
Email or call 508-907-6262 508-907-6262 us with what you're planning today.

Chef / Owner

Mitchell Maxwell, Owner and Executive Chef of Maxwells 148, has a passion for cooking Asian and Italian foods. As such his restaurant boasts his creations in both cuisines.

Maxwell, whose cooking credits include South Beach Brasserie in South Beach Miami with partner Michael Caine, Follia in Miami Beach, Florida, Baci in Honolulu, and Between the Bread Ltd. in New York, is making his mark in Boston's metro west. Maxwell joined forces with partner Randy Nason to open Maxwells 148 in January 2004.

Maxwell's influences come from all over the world as he has been traveling the globe since graduating from Northeastern University. It is from these experiences where his creativity shines on his menus. Maxwell's interest for cooking ignited at a very young age by watching Julia Child and Graham Kerr on television with his family. Working in the restaurant industry since the age of thirteen paired with his love for travel has allowed him to work in kitchens throughout Honolulu, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Indonesia, and Singapore learning as much as possible about the different cuisines indigenous to each area. Through Maxwell's exposure and strong influences in these different cultures, his zeal for Asian cuisine was born. Maxwell also has had influences from Italy, learning local techniques from the inside out while training with chefs from the Friuli region of Italy while in Hawaii. It was here while training with Persian chefs where his cooking took on a new dimension – his utter love for all things Asian AND Italian. As so the inspiration of Maxwells 148 menu was born – offering both these cuisines – not fused, but side by side.

This passion led him to open Maxwells 148 in Natick, MA with the goal of bringing fine dining past the city. Maxwell has developed close ties with New England's fishing and farming communities. Staunchly refusing to use ingredients that have been genetically modified or engineered, Maxwell has searched the globe for the freshest and truest ingredients. Whether it is flown overnight from Hawaii or delivered by the butcher the day after it is received from the farm, its fresh, free of hormones and ready to serve.

Manager / Owner

Randy Nason is the accomplished leader of Maxwells 148's staff. Nason has had several years of business experience in both the back of the house and the front in the restaurant industry. Serving as Manager, he oversees and directs the day-to-day operations and activities of Maxwells 148. Nason believes in the "art of service" and consistently tries to provide an 'experience of details' to his customers on a nightly basis. Nason attributes his success, thus far, to diligent training and motivation of his staff, and retaining them -- through having a clear vision of quality customer service and recognition. – as the saying goes, 'a business is only as good as their weakest employee' is a mantra they take seriously. Ongoing staff development and team support is a key factor in promoting consistency and stability. Recognized by Zagat Survey for Top Service Ratings over the years, and most recently in the top 13 Boston restaurants, Nason continues to build teams that foster an unparalleled level of customer satisfaction

Nason began his professional career in 1989 after graduating from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst with a degree in Hotel Restaurant Management. A veteran of fine eateries such as the Gotham Bar and Grill in New York City, Armani Café in Boston, and Henrietta's Table of The Charles Hotel in Cambridge he took a short detour from restaurants and directed operations of upscale, full service elderly assisted living residences and consulted on several Boston restaurant start-ups. After seven years in this line of work, Nason itched to get back into "the business." As fate would have it, he was introduced to Mitchell Maxwell, who had received accolades for his restaurants in Florida. Maxwell had been looking for the perfect person to compliment his culinary skills. Nason's experience was just what Maxwell was looking for and the pair decided to create an upscale dining restaurant. A suburban spot was intentional – they wanted to bring fine dining to those who lived outside of the city.

Nason's focus is surpassing his customer's expectations when it comes to service. Nason has gone as far as creating a database with customer profiles tracking allergies, birthdays, as well as their favorite tables, meals and drinks. This value added experience wows the customer each and every time.

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